Sunday, 18 October 2009

Jharkhand Veterinary Association, "Kohlan Chaper", Jamshedpur, India
celebrated World Veterinary Day on 25th OF April 2009

The celebration was organised in Tata Steel Zoological Park, at
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand State, INDIA. The organising body of the
celebration was Dr Rabindra Nath Kumar (Regional Director, Veterinary
Services) & his team having Dr S K Ratnakar, Dr S K Roy, Dr M Palit,
Dr D Deb etc. The Chief Guest & Chief Speaker was Dr D K Singh Dron,
Prof. & Scientist of Genetics, Ranchi Veterinary College, INDIA.

The main topic of discussion was :

We all are willing for the development of our nation & state and
trying to achieve the goal in different ways. Yet far away from the
goal because we are not thinking for the base line of development.

Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry is the best and most convenient
way through which a nation or state can make the strong base and
pillar to become a prosperous nation or state. The Veterinary
Professionals & Scientists have an enormous capacity to play the most
important role to prepare each and every people of the country as a
healthy & wealthy citizen. And each and every individual of the state
or nation become the sound enough it's the soul of soundness of the

We can clearly observe it on global map that almost all developed and
prosperous countries has a sound Animal Science/ Animal Husbandry
background. Where the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Profession is well
developed and properly regarded, the country has a status of developed
nation on global map. In other side we see that most of the countries
disadvantaged in the Animal Sciences are comes under the list of less
developed nation. Even if we have an overview on different parts of
our country, in INDIA, we can clearly see it that which one state has
given as much priority to the Veterinary & Animal Husbandry sector the
state is that much developed and the state comes under the list of
richer state.

It must be the dream of each & every citizen of INDIA to see their
country as a developed country on the global map. But it's only
possible when the animal husbandry sector will develop from grassroots
level. In addition, it is only possible if we develop a sound Animal
Husbandry background and that background or THE VETERINARIANS can
build the baseline for the prosperous nation. In other way, we can say
that the Veterinary professionals are the chief architect that can
build the sound base and the strong pillar for the prosperous nation
or state.

If we really willing to make our country or state a well developed
sound & rich state or nation, we will have to boost our Animal
Husbandry sector. It is the matter of joint efforts of Govt.,
Veterinarians, and People of state, Veterinary Institutes &
Researchers, and the traders dealing with Veterinary specialities.
Govt. should develop the infrastructure for development of Animal
Husbandry & Animal Wealth with the co-ordination of Veterinary
Professionals, Institutes, and Traders etc. We should make the people
aware about recent trends & developments in this field. MEDIA
(electronic & paper) may act very important role in mass awareness.
Researchers & Institutes should make a correlation bridge with field
veterinarians, who can transmit the benefits of their researches to
the farmers & should make there extension centers & hospitals in
peripheral areas so that their Knowledge & Skills can rich up to
grassroots level.

Our Chief Guest Dr Dron have also discussed about the local breeds of
cattle, goat, sheep, poultry found in Jharkhand & benefits of the
development of local breeds of animals.



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