Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Riding the TVO

A vet job is very challenging. I was sure about this, but when i joined the TVO in a state govt I was shocked to see the 4th grade staff dominating the vet practice in almost 95% of the remote area. After doing 6 years of service in remotest part of this state there is a picture coming out about this job. absolute lack of the work environment and unrealistic expectations thrown over to vets in the name of extra charge is ruining it further.  we have very cooperative and understanding fellow vets TVOs. The problem arises with the malpractices in senior positions  who want to keep field vets in dark and exploits. It is heartbreaking to see such persons getting unduly benefited and keep setting wrong precedence .
  The dominance of 4th grade staff in vet practice is correlated to frequent transfer posting of vets and immunity and managing power of them of district and regional animal husbandry offices.  Unless a fair system of transfer posting is made the  frustration will keep coming to field vets. Immunity of peons is brought about by lust for money of many daho and rd in most of the places. This gives them courage to speak against their immediate officer.
However, if this department is functioning this is due to the passion and hard work of vets TVOs who work despite all odds. 


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