Thursday, 22 October 2009

Operation Against Naxalites in Jharkhand

"Doodh Ka Jala, Chhanch Bhi Phoonk-Phoonk Kar Pita Hai" but we don't want to learn anything from this proverb. We are repeating the same thing what happened during Mumbai attack. We all know that the terrorists in Mumbai attack were getting information about the counter action of commandos through our own news channels and accordingly they were planning their steps. Planning is being made by the central govt. for operation against naxalites in Jharkhand. This has not been started yet but everyone knows about the preparation of operation through news papers and news channels. Don't you think, the naxalites will become alert and move to the neighbouring states and get a safe passage. In my opinion, such operations must be started without much of ho-halla so that maximum fruitful results can be obtained. We must learn from the past experiences to tackle the problems of terrorism and naxalism.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Rewani
P.G. ( Vet. Extension)  


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